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Everything Is Better When It Is Vintage!

Ok, I must digress, not absolutely EVERYTHING is better when it is vintage. I much prefer my smartphone to the twist-it-all-the-way-around rotary dial of my youth. Though, to be fair, it did help me practice my memorization skills.

Handmade vintage by Blake & Taylor - image 1

Many things that were fashioned in the past give me great excitement. The love and care infused into each item is second only to something that has been hand-made. Both of which I have in spades at the Blake & Taylor shop!

It is as if these items are filled to the brim with the very appreciation of time that went into their creation – even if this or that stitch is not ‘just so’.

This week I went on a little scavenger hunt about the shop to see which vintage and hand-made items I would fall in love with all over again.

Hand-made vintage by Blake & Taylor - image 2

These vintage napkins (above) gave us all wee stars in our eyes. I cannot believe they had not been spotted and stole away to their new home yet! Imagine a dinner party with these lovingly embroidered pieces-of-art at each plate.

There is something special about lovely napkins to make a dinner party feel warm, and your guest feels truly cared for. Nothing pretentious – just simple care.

Hand-made vintage by Blake & Taylor - image 3

These hand-made B&T cushions (above) are perfect for inside, outside, on a bed, on a couch… They are versatile, sturdy and lovingly hand-made with vintage fabrics by moi!

Here are a few other items I found on our journey around the shop…

Hand-made vintage by Blake & Taylor - image 4

I spotted some vintage fabrics (below far right) that would be perfect for someone feeling crafty to create some of their own cushions as well!

Hand-made vintage by Blake & Taylor - image 5

Interested in any of our scavenger hunt items? Stop by the store, contact me via email or visit the links to shop online! (not all items are available from my online store).

I would love to see you virtually or otherwise.

Ellie B&Txx


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