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Gift Ideas for a Vintage Christmas

Is there anyone in your life with a penchant for vintage items? Very enthusiastic about flea markets? Or who is just passionate about lovely pretty things?

Well, with Christmas approaching, I've rounded up a selection of Christmas gifts to surprise them this year! From embroidered hand towels to gorgeous hand made bags, not forgetting an exquisite selection of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine.

Keep reading to find the perfect Christmas buy.

1. Monogram Embroidered Hand Towel

These beautiful hand towels are made from luxurious 100% cotton terry, which is absorbent and soft on the skin. They are hand embroidered by local artist Sandra Gray, featuring either an exquisite blue letter with blue trim, a blue letter with a pink trim, a pink rose bud, or a blue rose bud.

2. Navy Blue Persia Tote

A truely stunning bag created by Cassandra Harper Textiles!

Show off this beautiful handprinted fabric whilst at the beach, on a weekend away or just as use it as your everyday shopper to fit your tablet and notebook.

This strong and sturdy Navy Blue Persia Tote, with soft leather handles, is lined with linen and features a pocket and zip inside for extra storage.

Measurements - 40cm Width x 34cm Height x 20cm on the sides.

3. Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine

PRE ORDER SPECIAL EDITION This year it’s called FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS HOMES! In this special edition of the magazine, you can find lots of inspiration on how to decorate your home for Christmas. This issue looks at 12 different families to hear all about their Christmas traditions and get inspired by their Christmas decorations.

This gorgeous Danish magazine is a favourite of mine for inspirational ideas for your home. Full of beautiful interiors photography, craft projects, recipes, flower arranging and gardening. Best of all – NO ADS!

4. More Gift Inspirations

Are you ready to discover more unique Christmas Gift Ideas? Keep browsing on Blake & Taylor website and find the perfect present for the person you love!

Ellie B&Txx


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