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Handmade Scented Hearts & Pillows Sachets

I have been busy stitching, which I love, during my down time making Scented Hearts and Pillow Sachets. I love to recycle and reuse which means I love to find a use for the bits of fabric that are left over from making cushions, lampshades and other soft furnishings from my decorating work with my lovely clients.

Handmade Scented Hearts & Pillows Sachets by Blake & Taylor

These hearts and scented sachets are filled with the most beautiful ingredients that I make using a Medieval Pot Pourri Recipe. It is, by far, the most delicious recipe I have ever used and have been using it for years. As you can tell, I just love it.

Perfect pieces to hang in your wardrobe or put into your undie drawer. Each piece is different depending on the fabrics that are left over so you will get a pleasant surprise when you buy from my web store and then open your parcel.

Enjoy, Ellie B&Txx