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Linen Thread and Other Simple Things…

There is a lovely French man who supplies me with the most wonderful natural linen thread. I use it to knit my washers. I’ll knit while watching TV, sitting chatting with friends, you might even find me trying to knit as I eat a bowl of soup! I just love to knit and, as many of you know, I just cannot sit still and do nothing. So, doing two things at once fulfils my need to feel productive and satisfies that creative itch.

As always I can’t rightly keep all these washers I am churning out. So I have put them up in my store for you to enjoy.

Hand Knitted Linen Cloth - Navy and Natural

Hand Knitted Linen Cloth - Green

Creating things, no matter how big or small, groundbreaking or simple, is one of the best feelings in the world. You can find and purchase my beautiful hand knitted linen clothes in the hand made section of Blake & Taylor's online shop. They are exclusive to Blake & Taylor and made by me!

Ellie B&Txx