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Luxury Linen Fabrics for your next Textile Craft Project

I think linen is one of the most comfortable, appealing and endlessly useful fabrics around. It tends to be more expensive than cotton, but it’s stronger and likely to last longer. It’s also more environmentally sustainable to produce.

This versatile textile has been used for thousands of years as people all around the globe the love hard-wearing yet skin-friendly characteristics flax linen fabric. Linen feels crisp yet soft – a captivating combination that makes for perfect sheets and cushions that are a joy to touch.

That's why here at Blake & Taylor we particularly love to source linen fabrics from some of the most selected and refined fabric manufacturers in the world: Lewis & Wood and GP & J Baker.

Windrush Fabric

This fabric is based on a magnificent Arts & Crafts embroidery by William Morris’ daughter, May Morris. Each circle in the design shows a different wildflower and has been named Windrush after the river that flows through the Cotswolds, UK.⁠⁠

The original embroidered reproduction was no longer possible to produce so Lewis & Wood devised a printed version on white linen.

Find out more about "Windrush Fabric".⁠⁠

Hydrangea Bird Emerald/Blue

GP & J Baker's magnificent 'Hydrangea Bird' was painted in 1917 by William Turner, an important textile designer of the time. Inspired by a fragment of Chinese wallpaper dating from the late 18th century, it depicts majestic pheasants perched in an exotic flowering tree. This hugely sucessful design is still as popular over a hundred years later.

Find out more about "Hydrangea Bird".⁠

Get Creative

I hope you will get creative with these magnificent linen fabrics, and if you want something bespoke but just don’t have the time or skills to make it yourself, get in touch with me at

Ellie B&Txx

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