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Making the Mundane New Again

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to get into a good rhythm with some of the most basic tasks and chores that just have to be done around the house. I’d love to spend every day at my workbench creating beautiful, handmade projects and designing interiors, but some days I just have to get down to work and clean and tidy around the house.

I truly believe that these little tasks that take up our time can be enjoyed and embraced if we just change our mindset!

One of the ways that I allow my creativity to spread through even the most mundane chores, is by making my own cleaning cloths and sourcing beautiful goods to help make housekeeping not so boring.

Using these lovely little-crocheted cloths reminds me of the joy and passion I have when I make things, even when I’m at the sink doing the dishes.

I also follow a basic checklist of tasks that help me stay on top of cleaning and organising which makes each item on my list part of my daily routine and a way to slow down and get back to the basics!

Here’s my list of 5 things to do daily in order to keep housework under control!

1. Do a quick kitchen tidy once a day!

This keeps counters and dish racks clean and neat and makes it easier to settle down to food prep and chopping when you are working in the kitchen!

2. Wipe down the sink!

I always make sure to grab one of my handmade clothes to do a quick wipe down of the bathroom vanity every single day! It keeps things looking fresh and clean and this way I’m never rushing around before guests stop by.

3. Make your bed!