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Wicker Basket Makeover

Material Used

2 x Wicker baskets

Blake & Taylor Chalk Paint French Linen and New White

Blake & Taylor 25mm flat brush

Blake & Taylor 25mm Round Brush

These wicker baskets were in need of a lift with some new colour and so I decided to use some French Linen for the main body with a New White trim using the 25mm flat brush.

Wicker Basket Makeover by Blake & Taylor - step 1

Soon after starting I changed my mind, as I often do, and decided the New White trim just wasn’t working for me. If you find the same thing happening and something just isn’t working for you, then you can just paint straight over it. That’s the beauty of my paint, no prep, no fuss and it dries in no time at all. So as quickly as I had changed my mind on colour I had it repainted and covered up with the French Linen.