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You can never go wrong with a Classic

As many of you know, Blake & Taylor stocks some of the finest Dash & Albert woven wool and woven cotton rugs by Annie Selke. We simply love these rugs for their versatility, affordability, and durable construction. Colour, comfort, and approachable elegance – these are the hallmarks of visionary designer Annie Selke.

Dash & Albert rug

The Dash & Albert Rug Company was founded by the creative Annie Selke in 2003.

Annie’s unique perspective on design emphasizes the importance of designing rugs for real families and real life. The rugs are beautifully designed and are of exceptional quality.

The rugs are crafted by skilled artisans in India. Dash & Albert adamantly oppose the use of child labour and all the rugs and accessories are hand loomed and hand hooked in fair-labour, fair-trade workshops.

Dash & Albert Rug Company offers a happy selection of wool, cotton, indoor/outdoor, jute, sisal and blended rugs in a variety of beautiful weaves. Spirited and well-bred, these rugs are the smart solution for floors pining for personality.

At Blake & Taylor we believe that home products should never be so precious that they can’t stand up to typical traffic, the occasional "oops," or a glob of pet slobber, so we are happy to stock these beautiful rugs which are made of the finest materials which allows them to weather years of loving use, and even regular cleaning or washing!

Ellie B&Txx


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