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Petite Vintage Frame Makeovers

I so enjoyed making over the vintage pear frame makeover that I decided to try the same technique on some smaller vintage wood frames.

I followed nearly the exact same steps as the larger Pears Frame. The only adjustment was to use a smaller brush in proportion to the smaller frame size. I also tried out the Dove Grey Chalk Furniture Paint on one of the frames.

The results were fantastically vintage as the Dove Grey is akin to an aged cool white hue — as if your freshly painted white frame of 20 years ago had been weathering beautifully on the porch for some time.

Material Used

Methylated Spirit


Step 1

Clean the frame using methylated spirit to remove any dirt that has built up over time.

Step 2

Give your paint a good stir and start to apply your paint. Be careful not to load your paintbrush with too much paint as you don’t want it to pool and collect in areas of the carved detail. The round brush is perfect for using a circular motion to work the paint into those difficult to reach areas. Allow the paint to dry and then apply a second coat. For the smooth wooden frames, you also do not want the paint to pool, the 25mm paint brush is great to get a smooth finish!

Petite Vintage Frame Makeovers by Blake & Taylor
Petite Vintage Frame Makeovers by Blake & Taylor - Step 1

Petite Vintage Frame Makeovers by Blake & Taylor - Step 2

Step 3

Using a lint free cloth apply a small amount of wax to the frame. Once the wax has been applied wipe any excess off and then use your cloth to rub the surface and buff.

The wax will need 7 days to cure fully.

Petite Vintage Frame Makeovers by Blake & Taylor - Step 3

If you are feeling crafty and give this Petite Vintage Frame Makeover or any other tutorial a go please let me know how it turned out by sending me some pictures! I’d love to see and share them with the Blake & Taylor community.

Email your images to

Ellie B&Txx


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