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The Undeniable Appeal of Vintage

Here at Blake & Taylor we have noticed that the interest in vintage pieces has grown considerably since there has been increased exposure and accessibility to the items.

What draws us to these old items?

Maybe it’s the hunt. The psychology of the vintage purchase is multilayered, but surely the impetus is fueled by the excitement of the hunt. Who doesn’t love the sifting through a mismatched shop of odds and ends, looking for a gem?

Vintage Hat Box or Carry Case

Shopping for vintage is an unparalleled treasure hunt. Not knowing what to expect just makes everything you do find feel like a special treat. And the beauty of the process is that you will never know what you will find or learn.

And yet, there’s a certain charm to the old-time ways of living. The quality, including materials, embellishments, and craftsmanship, in older pieces makes them purchase worthy. Also the love for nostalgia and sentiment may prompt us to buy the representation of it, as the vintage piece becomes the embodiment of a bygone era.

Vintage French Linen Fabric

Connecting with roots? Rediscovering a sense of history? Being part of something greater than ourselves… whatever the reason, you can find a few interesting vintage items at Blake & Taylor!